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Wetter than Before

At 1am I get a text from “Holiday” asking if I was up, mind you, I haven’t spoken to him in roughly a week. We ended on shaky ground because I told him we should just be friends since it was so hard to see each other. No one wants to be with someone who is such a workaholic that they are considered a last priority. Fast forward to a few days ago he hit me up and I just so happen to be in the mood to hear from him and my guard was down. I wasn’t mad at him, I wasn’t trying to be evil in anyway, I was numb to him. However, there was a small part of me that was concerned because I knew of his family struggles and I just wanted to hear from the friend I once had. He asked me if I could come over and if he could see me. Of course I’m confused as to why now but I asked him when, and he responded “right now”. I asked him where he was and to send me the address.

I was at a friends party and it just so happen that he was only 7 minutes up the street. The oddness of it all, from being over an hour away from each other at all times to being 7 minutes away. As I tell my friends goodbye, I make my way towards him. As I’m driving, I promise on the way there I made every LIGHT ! I even slowed down to test my theory and I still made the lights going about 12 miles per hour. I get to his house and let him know I am outside. Walking to the door so many thoughts race through my mind, “what does he want to talk about”, “what should I say” “why did he want to see me so urgently” ? In the midst of my thoughts he comes out to get me and then we walk inside the house. The house is one of my favorite types of vibes, dark and majestic, as if they are setting the scene for a mahogany moment. There are sliding glass doors towards the patio area, everything is matte black and marble. Hard teakwood floors and all black doors on white walls. He walks me into the kitchen area and puts his food that he had just ordered down . He asks me if I need anything and I reply to him nonchalantly “I’m fine,” something that we women do, even though something is clearly pressing us. He then comes to my side of the counter and stands me up and gives me the strongest hug. He whispers in me ear “I really miss you.” He pulls away slowly and looks me in my eyes and tells me “You look beautiful.” I knew he was being honest, because I was wearing my natural hair and emerald green, two of his favorite things on me. I finally speak my mind and ask, “So what’s up, what made you reach out?”

With each inch he raises I start to feel myself leak. Gentle motions of passion always do something to me. This being our first time ever being sexual with each other, I am surprised he is reading the language of my body so well. He kisses all the way up my spine, lifting my dress as he goes back down again. He then bends me all the way over and spreads my legs and starts playing with my clit. It’s something about being bent over that makes me that much more aroused, it’s like men need to make room for the pipe they are about to lay. He makes sure I’m good and wet and asks if he can continue, being that he asked for permission, I was even more eager to tell him yes. He then slides one of his fingers inside my pussy and starts massaging my walls, I’m moaning and gripping the counter as he pulls my hair and lifts me up. He turns me around and starts kissing me, watching how with each touch I give more and more into him. He pulls my dress up and starts sucking on my breast, they cover his entire face so only his head I can see. He makes his way back up and bites my bottom lip while he plays with my pussy from the front. He asked if I was okay with this and I said yes. I told him to let me text my friends, who I left at the party and let them know I’m okay. So he does and we walk into the room holding

hands, I could feel his heartbeat through his hands and I could feel my clit throbbing. Once he gets me in the room he continues to undress me, taking off my dress and even untying my shoes. He lays me down slow and grabs my legs and drags me to the edge of the bed ! He then lifts them in the air, just high enough, so that the only thing on his bed is my head, neck and shoulders. As elevated as I was, he looks at me and starts tasting me. At first he was gentle and slowly increased speed. He ends up putting his index finger and ring finger inside as his thumb gyrates on that portion between my clit and vagina opening. He is spitting on my pussy and licking it right back up. I am moaning so loud and he is turning me on so much that I ask him to fuck me. He pealed his face back and from his nose to his entire beard, he is drenched! He wipes his face like a man who just got rained on and pulls out his dick and uses his same hand to put my juices on it. I’m still in the air and he lowers me slightly so he can fuck me. He bounces his dick off my clit and then inserts himself inside me. I let out the loudest gasp and he whispers “damn”. I could barely talk so I nodded my head yes. He put the tip in a little more and starts stroking slow. Mind you, it’s been a while since I had sex and we both can tell I feel like a virgin again ! He speeds up his stroke and then lowers me and pushes my legs all the way back, my knees are practically touching my ears and he starts digging me OWT!!!! I am moaning and holding him back. I’m pushing his hips away and he says “it’s okay baby,” I say okay and he takes one hand and plays with my clit. I’m getting wetter and he can tell. I start to look at his face as he shakes his head and tightens his lips, as if he can’t believe how wet I am.

He leans in and kisses me and says, “fuck!” I can’t respond but he knows I am enjoying it, as my whole lower body is shaking. He pulls out and tells me to bend over, and like the submissive I am, I do. Once he puts on the condom he makes sure my back is all the way arched and he spreads my cheeks apart. I turn my head to watch him enter my pussy slow. I start pulling the sheets trying to get a good grip and put my face in the covers so I can scream how I want to. I told him I was sorry for being loud and he says, “That’s what I want you to do, as a matter of fact get louder”. He puts his thumb alllllllllll the way in my ass and starts using that to throw my ass back on his dick. I start to throw it back and he says, “just like that baby, that pussy so tight,” I start juicing. Compliments and dirty talk made every stroke that much better and since I am still tight my inner lips held onto him as he slides in and out. I tell him I can’t help it and I start running to the other side of the bed. He follows right behind me, his dick never leaving my pussy. I’m hanging off the bed and he manages to close my legs straight and spread me once again, which left him dominating me and ready to talk more shit. He leans over in my ear and says, “cum on this dick baby, cum for me babe, I want to feel you cum on me baby.” I start moaning loud AF and he speeds up. He nuts and then asked if I was okay. I said yes, but I couldn’t move. He grabs a towel and wipes me down. After he was done wiping himself he lays on his side next to me and starts rubbing my back. He starts asking me if I’m good and if I needed anything. He kisses me behind my ears and I told him I was okay, I said “Please go eat your food, I know it’s probably cold by now.”

Then he says okay and asks if I want anything to eat since he was practically full from eating me. I say, “no I’m fine” and he helps me up and walks me to the living room. He washes his hands and ate his food while we watch TV. I rub his back and we talk and then he asks me to close my legs, because I was tempting him and he doesn’t have the energy to go again. I told

him he doesn’t have to, but that I also am not going to close my legs. I ask him to touch her one more time and he does, saying “oh damn, how is it wetter than before” he plays with it with his fingers and says “never mind, I don’t even want to know.” He says he’s had more than a good time and this is the start of something beautiful. He states that he knew he had to put the condom on because if not we would be parents. I laugh and ask him if I can accept his apology in a different way, he looks at me all strange and I slide back the foot stools in front of us and get on my knees in between his legs. He was like “no, don’t, I don’t have time, look at those lips” of course I do it anyway! I pull down his pants, hold his arms down and with my mouth alone I put that dick in and start sucking it like I was the only woman his dick ever knew. I start swallowing all of it, choking on it and spitting, sucking it all, even his balls. I make sure my face is just as sloppy as his was when he ate me out. I place both of my hands on it and just lick around that tip, he starts to call my name and says, ” stop, babeeeeeee, you got it, that’s enough”. I said “Is it ever really enough?” and I keep sucking, faster and faster, he starts pushing me off of him and then he nuts. I continue to kiss it and he starts getting weak. I come up for air, wipe my mouth and say “you didn’t even let me get to my good tricks”. He leans his head up , since it was hanging back on the edge of the couch in disbelief, then he says “Tricks?? Shaking my head.” I say, “yup, tricks.” I get up, go in the bathroom and wash my mouth and hands. I come back in the living room and he pulls me in between his legs. As I am standing up he rests his head on my stomach and starts rubbing my back. I start rubbing behind his ears and he stands up to kiss me. I say, “I should probably let you go to sleep since you have to be up in 4 hours.” He hangs his head low and says “okay, let’s get your coat and shoes and I’ll walk you out.” I put on my coat and he helps with my shoes.

I tell him my juices are dripping down my leg and I should clean it first. He grabs a towel and then wipe in between my legs, we both look down at the towel like “damn” and he starts shaking his head. I laugh and he walks me to my car, he kisses me and he hugs me tight again and tells me to drive safely, as my pussy was precious cargo.


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