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The Wait is Over (Part1&2)

I washed it down with some water and as I walked back into the living room, Nick
had changed positions a little. Now, he had his right leg extended on the couch, left
leg still on the floor and arm draped over his face with his back laying on the couch
cushion now.

He looked peaceful. I glazed over his body. Still shirtless and an above average
sized dick print through his pants protruded.

I moved closer since he seemed dead to the world, lightly brushing my hand over
his abs moving lower.

It jumped at my light touch. Gasping, I pulled back and tip toed to my bedroom. I
needed to get out of these clothes since I was now hot as hell from the dewy fog
that was happening outside. It rained, allowing a slight breeze to come through my

Sliding my pants down, dragging my panties along with them, I could see the mess
I’d made. How did he have this effect on me? We’ve never spent more than 20
minutes together. Fucking Charlie bringing this shit to the surface of my mind.

I’d forgot my water in the kitchen. “Fuck..,” I scoffed. I wasn’t putting my juice
soaked panties back on so in only my cropped tee, I walked my jiggly ass back to
the kitchen grabbing my water. As I turned around, the hairs on the back of my
neck rose. Nick was staring at my ass from the couch, his pink bottom lip wedged
in between his teeth.

I definitely wasn’t shy so I took a sip of my water staring back at him.

We eyed each other in silence, before I made the first move to walk back down the
hall to my room. I walked slow, with an extra sway in my hips, each ass cheek
talking back to him as he followed me with his gaze shamelessly. I heard a low
“damn” before I finally walked in my room and left the door open. Turning the
light off, my room had the perfect ambiance for late night pussy eating. The sound
of the rain on the window pane relaxed me.

I heard shuffling out in the living room before I saw the light from the tv disappear.
I also heard him flick the switch in the kitchen. On top of my covers laying on my
back, I could hear him making his way down the hall. His door opened and closed.

Disappointment. I guess he either didn’t pick up on my hint or he didn’t give a
fuck. My pussy on the other hand did not want to take no for an answer. That
encounter had me do something I would’ve never done prior to today.
I leaned over to my night stand and pulled out my big, blue vibrator. I make sure
that shit stays with new batteries so I knew I was good.

Turning it on the first setting, I dragged the thick head up and down between my
swollen lips. Softly moaning, I edged myself by torturing my folds. I started doing
this about 2 months ago to make these sessions last longer. My moans became
louder as my other hand crept onto my left pebbled nipple. My legs were wide as
they could go & I began to quiver as I pushed the thick dick inside. I heard
something loud come from the hall, assuming it was Nick fumbling around in his
room, I began pumping faster.

“Ugh fuck. Oooo. Ooo I need it. Come baby. Come give it to me,” I was speaking
directly to him, a few seconds later he descended from his room, standing in the
entrance of my room. His pants were gone and he stood only in a pair of boxers.

His eyes on me only made me wetter. A couple more thrusts and I was squirting. I
slipped up and whined his name while we made eye contact. He immediately
approached me and yanked the dildo from my hands.

“Oh it’s like that? Look at this mess. FUCKkk…. girl.”

His left hand pushed my right leg back toward the headboard as his right hand
smeared my sticky honey all over my clit.

“Monica, this pussy so wet. Why you in here doing this? You all sexy and loud.
Moaning and shit. You wanted me to come in here, didn’t you?” He quizzed as he
massaged my clit up and down.

“Ugh Fuckk Nick. Right there baby.”

“Naw Monica, answer me ma. What you doin baby? You want me to take care of
you? You want me to take care of this pussy?” He began kissing my neck applying
more pressure to my clit.

I was too high off his touch to verbalize my consent. I just wrapped my arm around
his head and whispered “Please…”

Nick kissed down the valley of my titties moving side to side, sucking on each
mound while he pushed his middle finger inside. His long, meaty finger made
come here motions inside me causing my gspot to swell even more.

I was gasping at this point. Nick slowly ran his tongue along my left nipple looking
deep into my eyes to watch my face as I came.
“Damn baby, you feel amazing. This pussy so wet. She so fucking wet. You been
keeping this pretty pink pussy in here this whole time? Fuck. I gotta taste it. Can I
taste it baby? Let me taste it.

“Yes Nick, please taste me…”

“Come here girl, I want you to sit on my face.” He held my hand as he got in
position to help me up over his shoulders. Taking my seat on this 6’3″ king, he
began massaging my ass and hips. The anticipation was making me wetter.

His eyes were low yet piercing. One lick and I began to lose balance. I grabbed the
top of my headboard to steady myself and accepted the pleasure he was so
graciously giving.

Moans became inaudible as I only heard slurping and grunting from Nick as he
devoured my pussy. It can’t possibly be none left once he’s finished. Planting his
arms around my thighs ensuring that I would not move, he darted his tongue in and
out as I grabbed on to the headboard to ground myself.

It began to rain harder outside. I felt like the rain and I were feeding off of each
other’s energy. Nick’s tongue was lethal and his lips so soft.

“I need it,” I pleaded as I grinded my hips in circles over his mouth.

“What you need?”


“More what baby?”

“I need that dick.”

“That’s what you want girl? You want it slow baby?”

“No. I need it rough baby. Fuck this pussy. Slut this pussy out.”

Lift up some.”

I lifted myself up over the headboard and Nick slid from under me.

“Put that face in them sheets,” he commanded as he left the room.

I followed his instruction as I heard him come back, I could hear him ripping open
a condom.

He rubbed his bulbus head down from my clit to my dripping opening.

“Pick a safe word.”
“Aight ma, pickles it is.”

Nick slowly pushed inside. I could feel the girth with each inch that traveled
toward my cervix.

Grabbing my hands behind me, he cuffed my wrists together and held onto the
chain and plowed into me.

In between each thrust, he told me all about myself.

“I been seeing that fat ass talk to me when you leave the room.”

“I be seeing you in them silk shorts too.”

“I saw them titties one time too when you ran to your room to grab your towel.”

“Yea this ain’t the first time this pussy been wet for me, is it?”

“I hear that vibrator sometimes too. I cum right along with you sometimes.”

I thought about yelling our safe word a few times but when he could tell that it was
getting to be a lot, he would slow down, ask me how I’m doing, give me sweet
kisses down my back and slowly knead my titties.

“She talkin’ to me girl.”

“You like this?”

“Throw it back on me.”

“This my shit now.”

Only agreeance could be heard between my cries. He was rough and gentle at the
same time. The pain was always followed up by a calming touch, an assuring
whisper and sweet kisses.

He uncuffed me and worked out all the frustration of my 8month drought. I’d
never been handled like that. Just before I was ready to cum for the countless time,
he quickly moved down to suck on my clit causing what seemed like a
thunderstorm to commence outside my window.

With pointed toes in the air, I released things I didn’t know I was holding onto. I
had quick flashes of my desires for my life and glimpses of what we might look
like beyond this very moment. Have I been dickmatized?

To be continued…
Part 2
Two months went by.

Two months of pure, filthy, loud, sensual, uninhibited fucking transpired between
Nick and I.

This was the last week of school and we decided to take a trip together to Miami.
We had become inseparable and since graduation was around the corner, we
thought we would celebrate making it through college.’

“So what you wanna do in Miami? Any specific places you wanna visit?” I
quizzed laying on his chest after an afternoon session. His dick was still hard as I
stroked him, rubbing his cum all round his stiff dick.

“I just wanna blow that back out on a balcony. I don’t give a fuck if we don’t even
leave the hotel while we’re there.”

“I mean… that shit sounds good. But can we at least go to a couple restaurants?
Maybe even water ski?”

“We can do whatever you want to do bae, I’m just saying what I’m looking
forward to,” he pulled from his relit blunt and turned on some music.

It was a Friday night and our flight was leaving Sunday morning at 6 am. I listened
to SiR speak about a woman not saving him from himself and began thinking
about this situation. This time has been absolutely incredible. We haven’t really
put a title on what this is but he treats me like I’m his girl.

He pays for groceries instead of our usual split down the middle. He cooks for me
now without asking if I’m joining him or if I want a plate. Nick even voluntarily
rubs my feet when I come home from working overtime.

We talk about any and everything and I’ve never felt safer. Occasionally, we sleep
in our own beds but more often than not, we fall asleep in my bed.

I haven’t seen my big blue dildo in weeks. Literally don’t know where it is.

I’m not opposed to a relationship, but I don’t know what he wants to do after
graduation. His degree is in robotics and he can probably get a position anywhere
and do well.

My degree is in forensics and I hadn’t planned on moving out of Atlanta any time
I heard light snores coming from him as his breathing began to slow. Dick is still a
little hard but I’m gonna let him sleep.

Creeping out of bed, I close the door behind me to use the bathroom. Sitting there
naked, I day dream about how fun this trip is about to be. Already, I feel the
heightened energy that we’ll experience over the next week.

Baggage claim was hectic. Not only because it was crowded but a guy came over
trying to talk to me while Nick went to the bathroom.

Some nigga was complimenting me on how good I looked in my sundress and out
the corner of my eye I could see Nick approaching. Now… again, we haven’t
specified what this is, but Nick walked past me, moved me back behind him and
asked dude “you need something nigga?”

“Oh this your girl?” ’Ol dude said.

“This isn’t a backandforth question hour; did you need something?” Nick stated,
squaring his shoulders.

“Naw bro, we good.” Whatever his name is said as he backed away.

Nick turned toward me and asked if I ordered the Uber.

“Yep, it’ll be here in 5 minutes.”

“Cool, let’s go wait by the exit.”

The ride from the Miami airport to the Kipton hotel was quiet. The Uber driver
went on to ask Nick all the touristy questions while I stared out the window. Nick
rested his hand on my left thigh the entire ride, occasionally rubbing in circles. I’d
glance down at his hand every time it moved feeling a sense of peace. Never
looking him directly in the eye, I could see out the corner of my eye that he mainly
looked out the window and looked at the driver periodically to answer a question.

Much of the same thing took place in the elevator up to the 14th floor. Nick would
stand really close to me, our bags on the opposite side of him, his arm wrapped
around my waist as if to claim me for anyone who may be watching.
The shit was exhilarating. His gestures aren’t overbearing but enough to keep me

Room 1408 was ours for the next 5 days and hopefully these walls are thick and
the neighboring guests mind their fucking business.

It was 7 pm by time we woke up from a quick nap. We were gonna eat at the
hotel’s rooftop restaurant Area 31. With it being 95 degrees out, I was thankful to
have long box braids and not worry about sweating out my hair.

We gave each other 2 1/2 hours to be ready since our reservation was at 10 pm.

The suite was large with a separate room with a vanity and small desk allowing me
to get ready separately from Nick.

The dress I would be wearing tonight definitely required a couple shots before we
leave. I intentionally found the sluttiest dress I’d ever seen for our first night in

It is a black sheer halter top dress with the back completely out and a split on each
side. A black Gstring to match. There is enough material to cover my ass cheeks
and my pussy, but everything else is visible. The thong is visible, my deep
mahogany nipples are visible and if Nick looks close enough, he might see my
butterfly tattoo to the upper right of where my thigh starts.

I made sure my makeup was waterproof to combat the humidity and the sweat I’m
sure that’ll be dripping from my face later.

Nick called from the hallway letting me know it was almost time to go eat.
Slipping on the satin black knee length robe I brought to surprise him, I put on my
black Bottega Veneta heels and grabbed black mini Prada bag.

Exiting the room with the vanity, I smiled at Nick who was leaned against the wall
near the door. He looked sexy af. He wore some black silk material shorts with a
black short sleeve matching shirt completely unbuttoned. He paired it with some
black Versace slides and a gold cuban link chain.

With his abs all out and that dick print leaving nothing to anyone’s imagination, I
headed straight to the mini bar to take a shot.

The restaurant was so beautiful. We were so high up that we had the perfect view
of the beach. Thankfully it was only 4 other groups of people scattered throughout.

Nick helped me get seated and once he sat down, I removed my robe. He sat in
awe for a few moments starting at my very visible and hard nipples. The front of
the dress also had a deep plunge allowing for cleavage down to almost my belly
button. Nick licked his lips staring between me and my barely covered titties.

“Nick,” I whispered his name trying to snap him out of his trans.

His eyes slowly met mine and he licked his lips.

“Damn baby. I know you’re probably hungry, but I know you don’t think I can sit
here with you looking like that.”

“Oh you’re gonna have to, I’m hot and hungry and we got all night.”

I glanced down at the menu but I could tell Nick was still starting at me.

Our server, Andre came over and introduced himself, he glanced at me and out of
respect immediately faced Nick while taking our drink orders.

Andre walked away and Nick quickly got up and pulled him to the side. He said a
few words to him and I saw Andre nod his head. When Nick sat back down, I
quickly interrogated him.

“Uh what was that?”

“I asked Andre if he was cool with nudity.”

“Uh ok. What he say?”

“He said he was aight, he’d stay professional. He also let me know that there aren’t
any cameras pointed in our direction.”

“Oh and why does that matter?”

“You already know. Untie the strings around your neck.”

For a second I gave him a “are you serious look?” But I knew this nigga was dead

Shit I’ve never eaten dinner topless. We’re so high up there aren’t really any
buildings close to us. 2 of the groups just left so I reached behind my neck and
slowly pulled the thin strings loose. The sheer fabric landed softly in my lap.

I heard Nick moan and almost lose his breath.
“You ok daddy?” I smirked leaning back in my seat allowing my titties to lightly

The cool air made my nipples even harder (if that were possible). Relaxing into the
back of my chair, I leaned my head back slightly closing my eyes feeling free af.

I heard someone at the other table say “damn she got some nice titties.” Glancing
over, I mouthed thank you to the girls who were staring at Nick
and I.

“Maybe you all should take yours off too,” I spoke louder that time.

“Bae what you doin?,” Nick whispered watching me stand and walk over to the

My titties swayed even more as I approached the other table. I leaned close to the
girl who complimented me and told them the waiter was cool.

One by one, the ladies removed their halters, spaghetti straps or tube tops.

“Thanks girls. Now have fun. Don’t come over to talk to my man.” I giggled but
truly meant my warning.

By the time I was back at my seat, Nick had already ordered our food. Andre now
had to serve two tables with topless women at them. He might not be getting any
pussy from me but I’m sure those girls will take care of him.

Nick was on his 3rd shot of Hennessy and that dick print was slowly growing. The
girls were getting ready to leave but not before sending us both shots of V.S.O.P.

Finally, we were the last couple there. The only lighting was the moonlight and a
few candles on our table.

Nick ordered a small cup of fudge and a scoop of ice cream. He instructed me to sit
back in my seat and close my eyes.

Soon after I felt warm fudge running down the front of my left shoulder toward my

“Keep those eyes closed.” Nick demanded as his warm tongue glided from my tip
lapping up the fudge that dripped down my soft skin.

I slouched into my seat enjoying his greedy tongue. He took my hand and helped
me stand, sitting in my seat and brining me close to straddle him.

“Damn I love these in my face. I’m about to lick all this ice cream off of you.”
Nick had my thighs soaked from licking ice cream from my sensitive swollen nips.
Suck… You like that momma?”

“Ughghhhh yessss. Oh baby I need youuu.” Moaning loudly, we both weren’t far
from our release. He slipped his fingers between my lips past my thong string to
hungrily move his two dominant fingers in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

Andre hadn’t been back for a while and I was stuck between worrying about being
kicked out for moaning and cumming as soon as possible.

Nick moved in and out faster and I closed my eyes and wept.

He wrapped his arms around me and whispered “good girl” while I came down.
Fucking exhausted isn’t the word.

“Bae I think it’s time to go to our room.” Nick said close to my ear bringing me
back from a daze. I stood up and he guided me to the elevator.

My titties were still exposed but there was no one in sight, it was close to 12:30
am. Coming off the elevator, another couple was getting in and smiled at us. Nick
kept moving while I giggled about how this man was about to blow my back out.
The woman laughed and said “ok sis, slut his ass out too.”

Before the elevator doors closed, I yelled “I absolutely


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