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Upon entering his home our energy instantly synchronizes as we embrace and engage in deep breathing. In stillness we continue to breathe while circulating the energy between us. As we sink deeper into each other, we begin to rock gently back and forth, entranced by the vortex of kundalini we are creating. Kisses from his lips all over my face send tremors that trace the deep space between my heart and my pussy until I become ripe with anticipation to feel his mouth all over my body. Still fully clothed, my legs become weak and my pussy begins to pulsate and throb, opening her lips like the petals of a flower and moistening my crotch with her holy nectar.

He places his hands firmly against my cheeks and squeezes my ass to let her know she’s been a bad girl and his righteous rod of correction stands ready to deliberate my recompense. And with an equal sense of comfort, sliding his hands inside my panties to feel my warm, soft tush, he cups me so gently that I surrender whatever stress, anxiety and fight that’s left inside me from the burdens of the day and my head bows into his chest. Tears stream down my face and I let go of it all. “Let it out. I got you, baby.” He whispers softly to let me know I can put my superwoman cape away while I am in his care, because in his arms I am home.

As I continue to release, kundalini rises once again, our breathing deepens and our grown parts become magnetized in a subtle but deeply intense grind on each other until I can literally feel him inside me! He continues making slight thrusts toward my mound and she becomes swollen, wet and wanting, opening her gates to swallow his auric dick whole. He pumps again and again and sends me slithering like a snake tightening her grip onto his body. I feel his righteous rod of correction extend from my pussy up through my heart, and I am moaning and dripping between my legs until I feel a surge coming out of the top of my head and, almost as if one person, we exhale in ecstasy.

He kisses me again on my lips and then my forehead, steps back and takes a good look at my freshly-orgasmed face, smiles, and gives me time to gather my senses. I leave my shoes at the front door and he grabs my purse and overnight bag to take upstairs and I grip the stair post to ensure I make it to his bedroom door, while he enjoys the view from behind. He places my bags on the lounge chair and asks the question which always gets a yes, “would you like to go to the window?” We go to the window and he pulls out a long, glass bong from the cabinet under the sink and places some sativa blend into the reservoir before presenting it to me for the first puff. I place my mouth over the large tip of his big glass bong and he lights it up while I suck gently to inhale bliss vapor into my lungs. I extend the bong to him, flirting with him like we’ve just met. When, actually, I will soon be splayed on his platter for devouring in slow, deliberate ways. As we finish our pre-game session and I turn to head back toward his bed, he wraps his arms around me from behind and begins to stare at us in the mirror. He’s glad that he has me, even if only for the night. He thinks to himself, “she’s all mine.”

By now, I am feeling the effects of the Sour OG and I am ready to grant his every wish. Ready to fly on this magic carpet of passion, pleasure, and maybe even pain. We embrace yet again and this time he reaches to undo my bra, but notices I am not wearing one. He raises with excitement to know he is that much closer to feeling my soft, supple skin against his swollen delicious dick. He slowly pulls my blouse over my shoulders, brushing the fabric against my voluptuous breasts and my pants fall to the ground in concert. He slides off his clothes, sits on the side of the bed and beckons me to lay across his lap. “What time did you say you were going to be here?” I say with an innocent grin, “ten-ten o’clock.” He replies, “Why do you make me wait so long? I’ll have to punish you, you know that, right?” I nod yes as if to resign in agreement about my own disobedience, and assume the position.

I lay my fully naked body across his lap, positioning my pussy on top of him so I can at least feel it rise as consolation for the spanking my ass is about to endure. He likes to spank me repeatedly to test my boundaries.

One. Two. Three. Harder.
Four. Five. Six. Rub.
Seven. Eight. Nine. Harder.
Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Harder. Harder.

I begin to squeal and squirm. He rubs it in to make it better and then cranks up the rhythm again. I begin to think about the wrong I have done and promise him I’ll be good and it won’t happen again. Then I confess the truth that it might, and he has to increase the intensity of my punishment until I can really feel him. I arch my ass up to meet his hand and lock in the rhythm until I melt into the bliss of the blows from his open hand. The sensations are quite intoxicating and I begin to squeeze my pussy and cry “Yes, daddy! Spank me some more!” His hands come faster and harder and more spanks than rubs send me into a frenzy and I moan and squeal as he peppers my punishment with tiny kisses on my ass to let me know it’s all love. He then raises me up and tells me to lay down on my back and spread my legs.

She is already dripping wet from my first two orgasms. He has wanted to taste her since I walked through the door. But he had to prime her and prepare her to receive him willingly and gladly. He gently caressed my pussy petals with his tongue from top to bottom, coercing my hips to raise closer for her to meet his mouth and begin rhythmic flexing to feel that flicking tongue beat my pussy into loving surrender. She’s hot, wet and ready for more.

He raises up slowly as if he is full and I ask, “why’d you stop?” He tells me he knows I want some of his big black dick too. And he’s ready for me, too. He comes closer and hovers over me just to look at all of me and smiles at the beauty spread beneath him. He leans forward to kiss me and brings his penis close but stops at the door of my cavern of bliss. I open wide to receive and as our lips pressed together in a deep kiss, I begin to feel something penetrate my other lips.

But he is still just outside the door! ?Then his manhood penetrating my pussy deeply and repeatedly with slow, rhythmic thrusts of intention and precision. My noni gets hotter and thirsts with anticipation to be filled with more of his God dick energy and my hips begin to undulate to receive him. Deeper and deeper. He’s all the way inside me and he feels my lips squeeze as my juices trickle down my thighs.

We begin to gaze in each other’s eyes, our inhale and exhale dancing between hearts, and our movements come to a steady pace of pulse then stillness until my floodgates burst open, she gushes and soaks the bed.

As if there were anything more that she could take, while I am still orgasming, he slides his dick inside me and rests in my fire pussy just because. The tremors feel like heaven and he doesn’t want to miss witnessing a drop of my pleasure.

He is still hungry and it’s time for him to feed. He lifts me up, lays on his back and tells me to climb up and sit on his face. My legs are mush at this point but I have no plans on forfeiting this pussy worship. I straddle his head, spread my lips and lower myself until I feel his tongue begin to explore my landscape for more orgasms to release.

I rest my pussy on his face and he munches me delicately like morsels of a gourmet dessert. His life depends on it. He speeds up lapping and licking and I grip the wall and bed rail to anchor myself. He thrusts his tongue inside my pussy and the sensation is so intense I plant her more firmly on his face until he begins to consider how he might breathe with his ears. He devours me like I’m his first home cooked meal in years and my moans get louder and louder until my words turn into a growl. More like purring of a big, well satisfied goddess.

Time seems to vanish in the grip of our animalistic indulgence. His licks feel like flesh dipped in liquid fire and my pussy can only attempt to quench the thirst of this hardworking, dedicated man. With a deep guttural growl she gushes forth again. But this time right into his mouth. He drinks and drinks and gasps and drinks all of my elixir that always makes him stronger. I raise up to dismount and he grabs my leg to plant a final kiss down there as if to say Amen.

I slide beside him, and he grabs me close to him as I melt into his arms. We are full. We are spent. We are One.

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