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Peace and Plenty

Every relationship undergoes key pivotal points in its evolution. Casual dating transitions to an exclusive arrangement. Exclusivity begets genuine feelings of love.  Love ushers in cohabitation: a combining of lifestyles and possessions, a bold declaration that the pairing has a sense of permanence, and a testing ground for matrimony. Of course, there are sexual acts as well that serve as major milestones in a relationship. The exploration of fantasy and sharing a “first” builds trust and intimacy and signals a stronger, more tangible bond.

For Jamie and Shawn, their two-year relationship was about to turn the corner into unchartered territory. The plans were made, the date was set, the cable had been cut off . . . all the details were in place for Shawn to make the move from Ohio to Delaware to create a new home for himself under the same roof as his beautiful queen and soulmate. He was nervous about what the big change might bring but completely confident in his decision. In anticipation of the big move and as a special gift to Jamie, he planned a surprise get-away, week-long vacation to Exuma, Bahamas Grand Isle Villas. It was a luxury resort that had every amenity one could ever want or hope for:  a free form pool with a swim-up bar, a private chef for in-villa dining and most importantly, a crescent-shaped white sand beach that was created by God for the sole purpose of rest and relaxation and soaking up the sun.  It was his way of saying, “Jamie . . . I’m so in love with you. Thank you for completing me,” and to set a peaceful, relaxing stage before movers, boxes, and disorganization reigned supreme. They had seven whole days with none of the pressures and stresses of work, obligations, or commitments.  In their Caribbean hide-a-way, they could let their hair down and be uninhibited.

From the moment their plane landed, they soaked up every decadent and hedonistic experience they could. There wasn’t a massage, spa treatment, or alcoholic beverage they didn’t sample.  Shawn went horseback riding, parasailing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing while Jamie didn’t leave the lounge chair and her novel. One day, opting to do a little bit of nude sunbathing, Jamie was more than happy to give Shawn a special show when applying suntan oil. She did a sexy little lap dance for him, pouring oil all over her body and rubbing it into her smooth, bronze skin.  Bending over in front of him, she spread the cheeks of her ass and gave him a breathtaking view that wasn’t on any of the brochures the travel agent had shown him. She slid his swimming trunks off and Jamie slid down on his dick. She rode him hard, bouncing up and down, using his dick to get herself off. They were in full view of several passengers on a sailboat that was anchored slightly off-shore. There was no shame or embarrassment to be felt, they were a couple taking advantage of paradise and living with no regrets.

By day four, Jamie was ready to venture out to do some shopping. They combed the tiny streets of Exuma, in search of the perfect gifts to take home to friends and family. The Peace and Plenty Gift Shop had such an inviting name, it was virtually impossible not to go in.

“Welcome, is there something in particular that you are looking for today?” The voice came from the shop owner as she came out from behind the counter to greet the pair face to face.  She was breathtaking—and quite willing to share lots of intimate details about her life in a very short period of time. Raised in Brazil, her name was Kia and it seems her mother was half French and Spanish and her father was half Kenyan and Indian. She ended up on the island after having gone on vacation with an ex-boyfriend and falling in love with the place and making the decision never to leave.  She purchased the shop for a steal after Hurricane Andrew and never looked back.

Jamie began moving around the shop in complete ease and comfort. Shawn was content to just watch the two chat and browse. It was more than apparent that the ladies were getting along like long lost friends who’d been reunited. Kia proclaimed, “Here, you absolutely must try on this bikini, it will look fabulous on you.”  She pulled Jamie behind a small partition that was cordoned off to create a makeshift fitting room. Hidden behind the silk curtain, Kia undressed Jamie and dressed her like a mannequin, talking all the time.

They seemed to be in there for an inordinately long period of time and Shawn wondered what could be happening. As the curtain was pulled back and Jamie emerged, he saw the signs of her arousal. Her nipples were hardened and poking out from the thin material, her breathing was shallow, and her eyes were glazed over with a look of pure lust.  Shawn could feel his dick stiffen with unspoken excitement.  Kia emerged, equally as radiant and supercharged with sexuality.  All Shawn could do was say, “WOW, you look fantastic.  We’ll take it.”

Back at the villa, Shawn was anxious for details of what had happened in the fitting room but he knew Jamie well enough to be patient and that she would share at the perfect time. He didn’t have to wait long because shortly after they’d unpacked and repacked all their souvenirs, there was a knock at the door. “In your haste, you forgot your old clothes.  Lucky for me, you mentioned where you were staying so I could return them to you.”

“Oh, thank you so much, do come in,” Jamie said as she closed the door. Did it really matter that the premise of returning the clothes was a thinly-veiled ruse coordinated by Jamie? As soon as she was safely inside, Kia turned and the ladies began kissing, making out really, while Shawn stood staring in disbelief.  Jamie broke the kiss long enough to come over to him and whisper in his ear, “This is my way of saying, ‘Thank you for completing me, sit back, relax, and enjoy.  I love you.’”

Shawn almost couldn’t believe his eyes.  It was like a dream. The incredibly sexy woman he loved more than anyone or anything was about to make love to another incredibly sexy woman for his enjoyment.  He sat back in a comfortable chair, pulled out his dick, and watched the seduction begin. Jamie was amazing, expressive, uninhibited in her actions. Her movements were fluid as she gave into passion like she’d never known before. Their sun-kissed, brown limbs were a blur of sensual tangles. Not once did Jamie hesitate or have second thoughts as she devoured every inch of Kia’s body with her mouth. Their kisses were soft and tender and Shawn was amazed at the passion the two women shared. In all of the times they had shared the fantasy in the privacy of their bedroom, Shawn never expected Jamie to be so creative when making love to another woman.  He took notes as she spread Jamie’s pussy lips and licked and sucked her hard clit. Ramming her tongue deep inside Kia’s hole, Jamie used her tongue to fuck her like a dick. In a million years, he never would have thought that Jamie would be so bold as to get into anal play with a total stranger but she didn’t have a problem probing Kia’s tender backdoor with her finger and making her go into orgasmic overdrive. Even her dialogue was that of a seasoned expert. “Mmm, I love your sweet, juicy pussy, I love the way it tastes. Cum in my mouth you sexy thing. I’m going to lick my man’s hot cum from your pussy after he fucks you senseless.”

Kia, no stranger to being with another woman, was equally as talented and brought Jamie to several orgasms with her mouth and fingers. She took special pleasure in sucking on Jamie’s gorgeous breasts. Intertwining their legs, they rubbed their clits against one another, mixing their juices and aromas like a special blend of intoxicating perfume.

Shawn was stroking himself, crazy with lust. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any better, couldn’t get any hotter, he felt the tender caress of soft lips against his own. Almost at the same time, a set of lips began sucking his erection. Jamie was sharing her man out of love, out of connection and there was no jealousy or competition to be found between the three of them.  Both ladies knelt between his legs and began licking his dick at the same time. One licked, one sucked, they kissed it together. It seemed that whenever Jamie was swallowing him deep, Kia was licking his nuts. They were fingering each other and Shawn had four breasts to caress and fondle.

They all moved to the bed and made themselves more comfortable. Shawn was almost too nervous to know what to do. He looked at Jamie for direction and approval.  She was the most important person in his life and he needed to know that she was still okay with everything, he needed to let her know that if she wanted to pull the plug on anything that it was okay with him. Jamie kissed him softly, letting him taste Kia’s pussy for the first time. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth, getting harder from knowing that the woman he wanted to share his life with was “Dining at the Y” only minutes earlier.

The remainder of the three days were spent making, erotic, exotic love; Shawn, Jamie and Kia.  It was a stepping stone for the couple, a portal through which they traveled in order to become closer.  There were no regrets to be had.  Back in the States, they would consummate their combined lives with renewed vigor and the knowledge that they could look forward to the next major milestone in their relationship with eager anticipation.


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