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It had already been a long day at work and I honestly wasn’t in the mood for shit. I was tense. My shoulders were tight and the muscles in my face gave off a sense of “done”. I needed to get home. So, that’s what I did. I got in the car, loosened the buttons on my shirt and drove home.

I get out the car, take the keys from my slacks and there she was.

Kneeling on her pillow in orange cat ears over her locs and a school girl skirt, she held her hands up presenting me with her butt plug tail. I walked over to her and lifted her chin. Her eyes locked with mine and our lips met. Caressing the tail in my hands she grabbed my leg waiting to be appreciated. I rubbed her face, then her hair and finally tugged at her collar signaling her to get up. She obliged by holding onto my body as she rose. She whimpered for another kiss so I grabbed her face and twisted my lips with hers.

I walked over to the couch and once I was seated she handed me a small bottle of lube. As she laid across my lap I traced the softness of her butt before gifting it with my open palm.


She whimpered as the sound of my hand meeting her bare flesh echoed through the room.


She moaned the sweetest words to my ears, “Thank you Sir.”


Again the room echoed with sounds of pleasure and pain that she was so eagerly receiving.

“Thank you Sir”, she belted out as her moans grew more labored.

The slaps became harder and more frequent.


“Fuck! Thank you Sir”, she exclaimed.

I rubbed the now reddish areas on her butt and gently kissed them. Helping her to sit up, I examined my lap and took notice of the wetness that had spilled onto my leg.

“You made a mess my dear. You’ve made a mess on my lap”, I stated “I’m sorry Sir”, she said as her voice shivered.
“Why are you sorry my dear?” I asked.
“Because I made a mess on your lap Sir”, she whimpered.

“Well now I want you to make more. I want my pants soaked and full of your wetness. Do you understand me?” I growled.

“Yes Sir! I want to be a wet mess for you”, she moaned as my large hands began massaging her clit.

“I see the lube will not be necessary”, I said taking a large amount of her wetness to add to her already lubricated asshole.

She moaned as I rubbed the area with the tip of the plug. Her back began to arch as I insert the tail. Exhaling, her shoulders started to become more relaxed. I laid the tail on the top of her butt as I continued to massage her clit. My fingers became drenched in her wetness and it was just the reward I was pining for.

Slowly I inserted a finger into her soaking wet cave. Then another. She used her muscles to pull in and my large fingers thrust deeper into her. She bucks against my fingers. I pulled them out and licked them clean.

“Fuck! You taste so good”, I exclaimed.

I reinserted my fingers going faster and harder than before. I felt her attempting to look beneath me. She cried for pity but mercy wasn’t on the menu. I wanted my lap drenched in her juices. Violent orgasm after violent orgasm escaped her, but I wanted the ONE. The one orgasm that would unleash the flood gates. I clinched my jaw. My dick was pressing against her stomach.

“Fuck, Sir, Fuck!” She yelled.

Her pussy rained onto my lap forming a mini lake. She shook and bucked as the final orgasm took its effect.

I lifted up and directed her towards the shower. Cleaning up the mess she left on the floor, I gently chuckled to myself and and then headed to the shower to join her.

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