All I can think about is how he wants to make all my dreams come true.  Here he is texting me now. I’m nervous as fuck but I open my phone.

“Get ready”, it reads. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes”. That leaves me almost no time but I put my ass in gear, jumping in the shower and thinking about what I’ll wear, simultaneously. I’m already tingling all over as I wash my body. I know time is limited but I can’t stop my fingers from pinching my nipples, making myself moan at the mixture of pain and pleasure. I can feel my pussy contracting and I pinch harder. I stop before I cum. I’m on edge but I have a feeling I’ll find relief later. I finish washing and jump out of the shower, dry my body and slather baby oil gel all over my body. He likes it when my chocolate skin is glistening. 


I’ve settled on wearing a sundress, without any underwear though. I don’t normally go commando but I didn’t want any obstacles later. As I strap on my sandals, the doorbell rings. Damn he wasn’t playing. I open the door and just like every other time I see him, he takes my breath away. He’s looking all good, leaning up against the door. He greets me with a kiss. “You ready Baby?”

“Yes babe, let me get my purse.” I respond. As I turn away from him I hear him take a deep breath and say something about my ass looking so fucking good. This makes me smile and I put a serious switch on. Gotta keep his eyes on me. We leave and he opens the passenger car door for me, but before I can slide in he stops me and kisses me fully on and tells me how beautiful I am and that he has a special evening planned just for me. 

The drive is short. He’s not telling me much but as we pull up to the Westin Hotel I know this night’s about to be epic. We stroll in the hotel and he walks us directly to the elevator and ride up to the top floor. The room is amazing. On the floor, leading up to the bed were petals and candles. On the nightstand, there were massage oils, more candles and a blindfold. 

“Take your clothes off baby, put the mask on and lay on your stomach. I’ll be back in 5.” With that he left and I did what I was told. It was a little hard because I like being in control, but it was arousing just to lay there and wait for what was to come. With my eyes covered, my other senses seemed to be heightened. The smell from the candles were infiltrating my nostrils and I could hear faint sounds from the hallway. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I heard the click of the lock on the door and as the door was opened and closed I was aware of just how vulnerable I was. 

He spoke no words. None. But I knew what his intentions were. He sat on the side of the bed and I rolled to the right as the weight of him made me shift. I heard a bottle open and the next sensation I had was his hands on my back. Oh my goodness, his hands felt so good on my shoulders and my back and shit they felt heavenly on my lower back. He shifted to the bottom of the bed and lifted me up to my knees and began to massage the underside of my ass and my thighs. I was beginning to drip all down my thigh. I felt his finger scoop up the wetness and then begin to massage my pussy lips and lightly brush my clit. Oh my his fingers felt so good. 

He kept up his ministrations for a little while longer until I was almost putty in his hands. I felt the loss of connection when he removed his hand but when he grabbed my thighs and pulled me back on his dick I completely lost it and moaned loudly. As he entered me slowly, I pushed back on his dick. The initial penetration had me breathless but I quickly recovered and threw this pussy back as he fucked me deeply. With one hand on my hip, he pulled his other hand around to my throat and squeezed which made me open my mouth. 

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I felt the tip of another dick on my lips. Oh my. Babe had really made this happen. I opened wider and stuck my tongue out and allowed the new dick to rest on my tongue. I gave it a little kiss and licked the head and then he grabbed my head and began to slow fuck my mouth, slipping more and more into my mouth. My senses were on overload. My baby was fucking me from the back and I also had a mouthful of dick. I came so hard, shaking all over and moaning around the unknown’s dick. 

He finally spoke again, whispering in my ear, “Baby I told you, I only want you happy.”   “Can I take the blindfold off?” I ask. His only reply “No.” He slipped out of me and told me he wanted to watch me ride his friend. “Baby do that thing you do. You know when you get on your feet, hold my hands and bounce on my dick.” He could ask me to do anything at this point and I’d oblige. As I climbed on top of the mystery man I could tell he was built nicely and since I had already sucked his dick I knew it was a nice size. As I lowered myself on him, he filled me up so completely. I had to just sit there for a second and adjust. I must have taken too long to get moving, next thing I felt a slap on my ass.  

I took the hint. I began to move slowly, getting the feel of him. I heard him moan and say a few cuss words. His voice sounds familiar but I can’t make out who it could be. I did what my baby asked and got on my feet and commenced to bouncing up and down on the dick. I was so turned on. Fucking my baby’s friend while he was watching me. You know I put on. A few minutes later, my legs got tired and I got back on my knees. I never stopped riding the dick though. 

The friend held me still as he scooted towards the end of the bed. I felt baby’s hand on my back, pushing me down. I felt the tip of my baby’s dick push up against my ass and my first instinct was to get up, but he just held me in place and worked his dick in my ass slowly. I can’t even describe how I was feeling, so completely full. In just a few minutes I had two dicks firmly implanted in me. They worked me over, one in, one out, picking up speed every few seconds. I came first, it triggered both of their orgasms. I don’t know which one of them came first, it doesn’t even matter. All I know is that I was fully satisfied. He removed the blindfold and as my eyesight adjusted I noticed it was one of his line brothers. I had mentioned to my baby how handsome I thought he was and I guess he remembered. 

Before Baby pulled out, he kissed me on my neck and whispered in my ear again “Love you.” “Love you back”, I mouthed before kissing him.

Written by Janan