Soooo… My story… I have a friend that we’ve known each other since we were littles. Our families had been friends since our grands. Well I returned from college and ended up working together at the same facility. We would make jokes and slick sexy remarks to one another daily. One evening we ended up working late. The last few in the main building. We’re in his office closing out paperwork and he made one of the slick jokes. I called his bluff! We both were seeing someone, but something about his joke gave me boldness. I closed his office window and locked the door. I told him if he can unlock the door and we go our way and not mention a word, or he can put his dick where my mouth is and we see who was the real one?

He stood there looking at me for a moment, and I remember thinking how handsome he looked in that black v-neck shirt, khaki double pleated slacks, black belt and black loafers. A perfect look to represent his fraternity (although I knew he wasn’t even trying to), and if he says no, I may just suck him anyway! 

My boldness didn’t stray me wrong! He guided me to his chair with one hand while removing his belt and undoing his pants with the other.

He never left eye contact as his dick saluted me in the most welcoming direct, hard attentiveness I’ve ever seen. All he’d spoke of was true at sight! I knew time was limited, but I wanted to enjoy this decadent soldier. I felt privileged to touch so I only gently kissed it at first. Then my eyes met his again and I saw in his eyes a look that was so desiring that I knew it was my duty to continue. As I locked in my sight with his, I opened my mouth and he glided in with steady and strong purpose. I had a ready sucking that he fought but realized he was no match for as his eyes rolled back as did his head as I took him in fully. All of him beyond the back crest of my throat and swallowed before slowly sliding off only to repeat with slow steady focus to be sure I got a full engulfing. He moaned and as I sucked I felt his pulse intensify. I I stopped to make eye contact again and at this point I knew he realized what I had been jokingly saying was every bit true and real. He held the side of my head as to beg for more and I was happy to appease! I felt him swell in my throat each thrust! I was in such delight I hadn’t realized I was getting wet from his pleasured moans  thrusts. He stopped me and quickly to my feet. He moved with purpose and before I could realize he’d had my shorts undone and my panties down to my ankles and me turned and bent over his desk! At what point he pulled out the condom I don’t know, but he only removed his hands from me to slide it on, and then they were back. One at each of my hips as he directly was at my vaginal opening full and hard, but stopped and leaned forward to whisper to ask me if I was sure I wanted him? I turned my head to meet his eyes again, never saying a word only eyeing him in pure desire of his entry. He appeased me with the first thrust that made me shake ever so slightly in pleasure. And as he withdrew he moaned to feel the wetness I’d already produced from sucking him. He re-entered and again he withdrew. I braced myself because I felt his intensity and mine in anticipation. He began a rhythm that I knew wouldn’t last much longer because I’d found mine and matched his in restraint. By now he’d slid his hands higher up to my breasts to hold me and decrease his thrust but I was locked in for my climax and refused to stop until I reached it. 

As I turned my head forwards and dipped my back to arch my ass just a bit more, I came and let out the sweetest sound of bliss that he was back in a forced faster pace that met him in an explosion as he rammed into me making the best smack that sounded against my ass. He came, and quivered so very slightly, I whispered yes I’m sure! He smiled and as I turned to face him he says I guess we’re both the real ones! I just smiled, still admiring the art of those double pleats.